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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Things to ask ourselves for 2017

First of all I like to say thank you to all those who have been with this blog for the last 7 years. And those who run the Facebook pages you have been doing an awesome job keeping people informed! We Just started a new year and it's been a pretty wild ride. And things are not getting better. World War 3 it's not if it's when ! It's been over a hundred years since World War 1 over 70 years World War II so this generation is clueless about war. Especially those in First World Nations. The only war they know is on Battlefield or Modern Warfare games. What about dictatorship this generation will be Clueless they will be easily manipulated! So here are a few questions  we could ask ourselves  for this coming year . are things about to change for us? Do we have less than Forty-Eight Hours? Is the president of the United States about to declare martial law? Before Trump enters office? Is Trump actually a Russian KGB agent? Is Trump the next dictator? Is China and Russia plotting the destruction of America? Is the economy going to collapse? Are terrorist going to use a dirty bomb in Europe? These are just a few of thousands of questions. But one thing for sure this year it's going to be one that we will never forget!! and Generations will talk about this year 2017!!!

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