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Monday, November 14, 2016

Syrian War Report – November 14, 2016: Govt Forces to Launch Offensive O...


Unknown said...

There is no WW3. This is total bs and to think humanity is dumb enough to start nuclear war is very silly. Do not be paranoid and just stay calm and enjoy your life. All this nonsense is just worse than little old ladies gossiping about people's lawns not getting mowed. Chill the heck out and stop sketching about what is not going to happen unless you people end up in power and that's is scary. Fuck WW3 and who ever wants to get their kids from this silly Web site.

Marcus Verhey said...

Leave this comment here or I ll never trust this Web page. WW3 is bullshit. This page is propaganda designed to promote fear and panic so don't be leave anything you read. They already screened the truth out once and this is the second time I told everybody the truth. The Web site is governed by a total goof and his head is full of slurped fluids so don't be leave his goof ass

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