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Saturday, September 14, 2013

US, Russia contacted Syria directly to get chemical weapons data – Lavrov

Russia and the US directly communicated with the Syrian authorities to obtain data on chemical weapons, said Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov. He added that Syria gave certain guarantees on chemical weapons use prior to its entry into the OPCW.
"We worked directly with the Syrians in order to also understand how safe it all is there," RussiaForeign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with "Saturday News" program on Rossiya 1 TV channel. "The American side, perhaps, now we can say about it, also directly contacted  the Syrian government to get clarification on this particular issue.”
Lavrov noted that he was not certain whether the US was in contact directly with Bashar Assad, but “they were in contact to see how safe is the storage of chemical weapons.” 
The Foreign Minister assured that Damascus gave a written guarantee that it will begin to fulfill the requirements of the Chemical Weapons Convention from the moment the government applied, without waiting for official confirmation of accession.


Anonymous said...

Agreed this world has gotten very small.And tensions are rising because eRth resorces are being exploited at an alarming rate.All governments have to learn how to govern their nations by the means and the resorces they have with in their own nations.Their are pigs just using resorces and wasting alot of resorces.We as humans have to start respecting each other and stop.causing trouble with.each other for each others resorces.Non of us are more special then another we are all created as humans.And need to care for one another as we would care for ourselves.So far aliens have been leaving us alone.Because we havent learned how to space travel yet so who ever and what ever lives up there are pretty secure.Humans are learning space travel everyday we are one step closer to space travel.Thats got the aliens attention.So far humans track record and history.Is humans are a very violent people.Humans are the only life form on earth.That kill each other.In my opinion I know if I were up there watching humans.Id would do everything in my power to keep humans earthbound because the heavins above they are peacefull How I know.They dont wage war with us they dont distroy us.And they keep themselves secreat.they make no contact with humans.But we all know ther watchin us .we see them watchin us.But yet they are silent.We as humans better start checking ourswkves out.Start understanding we are a spi,ies we all are humans.Other life forms sees us as One earth one lifeform humans .and if we cant live here on earth together as humans one earth one lifeform .we will not be able to live in a galaxy community.and they will distroy us

Anonymous said...

We have to move to a new world order How do we as humans make this become 1 government,one people(humans),one world(earth).How primative we fight it out and the strongest and the .richest fills that position.I herd Hillery Clinton,Say one time when her husband was president."We Are The Leaders Of The World" what scared me was that statement.Who appointed Her or the USA the leaders..My suggestion is All the super powers get together at the round table and allow democracy take effect.We can do this Governments We can do this without world war 3.We vote the canidates then we the people vote who we want our leaders to be.Many nations do this sucessfull at every elections We can do this Governments Without blowwing nations up trillions of people distroying our planet.We are comming into a new age where new things are going to happen. Soon we will be taken off.explorring new worlds.New life forms A new age.Do we distroy our world and its inhabitents.Before We even have the oppertunity to space travel .Threw elections.And deplomacy we can do this transition.If we all work together and relize we are all just as special as each other.One of the Ten Commandments.Do not worship each other The One we do worship Is our One God and all his Ten commandments.Ready to expand.Ready for change,Ready to become a One world.Ready to be liked and loved.Are you ready GOVERNMENTS TO SHOW US YOUR HUMANS.MAY GOD BLESS EARTH

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see a big navy battle between Russia and the united states because I know the united states would defeat Russia easy....

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