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Saturday, August 31, 2013

ww3news update syria

Obama will be speaking from the White House Rose Garden in 10 minutes, at 17:15 GMT.

A UN spokesperson has announced that the UN is not pulling out of Syria and that humanitarian work in the country will continue. The UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon will be briefed by the head of the chemical weapons team on Sunday.

Spokesperson Martin Nesirky went on to say that the UN team will return to Syria in order to examine all claims of chemical attacks.

  The Syrian Prime Minister has stated readiness for any possible foreign strikes against it, saying that the country has its "finger on the trigger."

Iran has warned that any strike on Syria by the US would trigger reactions "beyond" Syria, according to AFP.


Anonymous said...

he already spoke, seems like he'll consult the congress.

Anonymous said...

..there is certainly something else going on here, all these conflicting reports have talk of imminent strikes, then you have limited responses then you have congress votes.. I have a feeling something else is cooking..

Anonymous said...

It's xalled politics

Anonymous said...

Don't do it Obama....
U would go down in history for starting WW3

Anonymous said...

Do it give nature a helping hand shating!

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