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Monday, August 26, 2013

Saudi/Qatar Invasion of Syria Could Dovetail Western Air Strikes

August 26, 2013
Notwithstanding the official statements coming out of Washington that President Barack Obama has still not decided on his military options against Syria’s chemical attack, DEBKAfile’s sources confirm that limited, targeted Western military action is scheduled for the coming week.
The position of the Gulf emirates and Saudi Arabia is less cut and dried. Riyadh doesn’t want a targeted strike but an early all-out offensive for overthrowing the Assad regime once and for all.
This opens up the possibility of a separate Saudi-Qatari-UAE assault in Syria, coordinated with Washington, but conducted in different regions from those targeted by the US-led lineup.
The result is potentially the pursuit of a broad-based pan-Arab offensive on the Syrian regime, alongside a surgical Western strike.
Full article here
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Demata said...

More news and point of views also on


Anonymous said...

Wake me up when something actually happens. Im tired of hearing. " if Isreal does this " or if "America does that " then nothing happens for weeks. Enough of these possible scenarios , give us real news.

Anonymous said...

news can't be given til news happens .."patience my ass-im gonna kill something"...said one vulture to another

Anonymous said...

fret not, we'll be knee deep in blood n guts by the the meantime,take in a gore movie or get your fix on wwf

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