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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BREAKING PM Erdogan,"If we stay silent in front of the coup, we would not hold the right to say something if they set the same trap for us"

Turkish Premier Erdogan said they have the related documents to confirm Israeli key role in the Egyptian military coup


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that "Israel is behind the Egyptian military coup, we have the related documents to confirm that."

Speaking at the meeting of provincial heads of Justice and Development (AK) Party, Turkish PM Erdogan stated that "Those who want to see a dictator must look at Egypt."

Erdogan remarked on the recent crackdown by the Egyptian army on anti-coup protesters in Cairo's main squares and the world reactions to the violence.

Saying that the coup in Egypt was a coup in every meaning, where blood exists, Erdogan noted that there were women in this coup, and people were killed mercilessly. He reminded that Turkey was the country, which most harshly scolded the coup.

"Several press members have been killed in Egypt by those appointed by the Egypt's dictators," said Turkish premier.

"Nobody can pronounce the word 'dictator' where dictatorship exists. They hang them as it is in Egypt," Erdogan said. "The Egyptian people know that they are right and do not give up the legal ground."

Erdogan underlined that they desire a world, where a nation's will dominates, and said that the world must respect the ballot boxes.

Erdogan highlighted that if they stayed silent in front of the coup in Egypt, they would not hold the right to say something if the same trap was set up for them in the future.

Erdogan also slammed the international community "Again for Egypt, the West says democracy is not just the polls. But we say polls are the way to democracy, election is the will of people itself. That's what has been staged in Egypt. Israel is behind the Egyptian military coup, we have the related documents to confirm that."

Turkey's Erdogan stated that the West should receive the description of democracy, regarding the coup in Egypt, stressing that the West needed to learn the description of democracy and added if it would not be learnt, all the clashes and conflicts in the definition of democracy would take the world into another position.

Turkish premier also denounced the rich people of the Muslim world for backing the dictators who put their own people in target of weapons, saying "We know that there are rich people in the Islamic world, but we also know that there are poor people in need of alms. It is those rich of the Islamic world who support the dictators."

He further compared some of the countries and people of the Muslim world who failed to call the military coup as a "coup" and neglect and let down their Egyptain brothers and sisters upon the recent violence.

"The Islamic world is like the brothers of Prophet Yosouf who threw him down the well. As in the case of the brothers of Prophet Yosouf, Allah will shame those in the Islamic world betraying their brothers and sisters in Egypt. Nobody can prevent the Egyptian people to rule Egypt," he added.

Targeting the Gulf countries who provide financial aid to Egypt's military government, Erdogan blamed them for not displaying the same attention and sensitivity.

"The situation of the African Muslim countries is obvious. To which of them did you help and give such a support?" he concluded.


Anonymous said...

If Israel was really behind this coup, then they will stop at nothing to ensure the complete dissolution of the Muslim brotherhood. I predict it will be a repeat of the Libyan civil war with the rebels receiving Nato military aid, this it will be the military receiving support from Israel until the Muslim brotherhood is all but defeated. When that happens, i predict egypt will then fight along side israel in ww3, but Iran and Russia will arm the muslim brotherhood to take control of egypt the last minute. Also i fear if turkey could become a potential enemy, they strongly condemned the coup against Morsi and muslims in that country are becoming more radical.

Anonymous said...

if not a dictator, then what does he consider himself? erdogan is really worried he's next lol

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