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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A message from Admin

First will like to thank all blogger been with me since day one . been doing this for a long time now .this has been the closest call so far ! world war3 maybe 24 hours away . I'M not a prophet but i could put the dots together . so i will highly recommend pull your money out of the bank .fill your gas on your vehicles . have enough food and water for 30 days . i will do my best to keep you up with current events .  better safe than sorry .hope this is just a close call!    Admin
  Rene Guzman


Anonymous said...

I agree make sure u have guns and ammo also and lots of water.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching your blog for a long time and, most of your post have been really useful clearing some things out for me, thanks for all your work! I live in Romania, the army here started to get ready for a war, i've went today into a field where military is started making training for a potential WW3! i have saw over 30 tents that were placed there it's not a usualy training and something big is going to happen!

World War 3 News said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you admin for your time and advice through the years!

Anonymous said...

Been following this blog for a while. Thank you admin! All the best for all of us.

Love from Malaysia. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you admin, indeed have been following your blog for quite a while now..

while I respect your reservations on ww3;[you will know your situation better in the U.S] i can only comment that my views respectfully differ..

it was Iraq, then it was Libya, now its Syria & trust me no one will dare interfere; everyone will watch

from my latest research Russia has already indicated that it will not interfere militarily, i highly doubt China is the least bothered which only leaves Iran & they will, i repeat they will back off in the very last minute.. its their usual practise.. they will never respond until they themselves are attacked

Though no doubt matters will escalate precaution is a good move so preparation is not a bad idea at all.. but this is not a world war.. its the world vs Syria.. it will be Egypt next & only then will matters reach a stage where world powers will be at loggerheads

just my thoughts friends, peace to everyone, take care & please stay safe ..[while you're at it pls also as much as you can try to keep other innocents away from harm as well]

[From Pakistan; where incidentally things seem to be brewing on the border with India]

Anonymous said...

Yes things are heating up... wait and see but ALWAYS be prepared! Never thought I
would see the day where the USA was actually the bad guy and the Russians good. Funny how things work out.. one day you live in a city on a hill that is a beacon to the world ... you wake up thirteen years later and realize you live in the evil empire. Thank you admin keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I have been on this blog for a year or so, you always gave such good information and news. I always told people this day would come. Ill still be on this blog until the mushroom cloud appears, much love from Galveston Texas.

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