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Friday, December 7, 2012


A prominent South Korean news agency is reporting that North Korea is only one week away from having a long-range rocket capable of reaching California.
“North Korea is believed to have completed the installation of a long-range rocket on the launch pad” at the Dongchang-ri base in the country’s northwest, reports Yonhap News Agency in South Korea.
According to the Yonhap report, the North Korean Unha-3 rocket has an estimated range of about 10,000 km (6,200 miles). The circumference of the Earth is only 25,000 miles.
Also within range of North Korea’s new rocket is Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Alaska and Western Canada.
North Korea already possesses nuclear warhead capability
It is well established that North Korea has nuclear weapons. The police state nation of brainwashed cult followers first announced nuclear weapons in 2009. By the year 2015, it will have enough nuclear fuel to build 48 nuclear weapons, reports The Telegraph (UK).
North Korea is led by a delusional cult leader who is literally worshipped by his followers as a God. The “supreme leader” Kim Jong-un demands total obedience from his countrymen and has dissenters arrested and imprisoned in much the same way that is currently outlined in President Obama’s NDAA.
  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
Rockets do not need to hit California, they only need to burst in the upper atmosphere to destroy America
What many people do not realize about nuclear weapons is that America’s greatest vulnerability is not from nuclear weapons striking cities, but rather from a single nuclear weapon setting off a high-altitude EMP burst somewhere above North America.
Such a burst would ripple down through the magnetosphere, multiplying its effective voltage, then fry nearly all transformers along the power grid, thrusting America into a worst-case “grid down” scenario that could last months or years. It may also cause nuclear power plants to face the very real possibility of fuel rod meltdowns.
As you may recall from the recent Sandy Superstorm that struck the Northeast, when the power grid is down gas stations cannot pump fuel. Looting becomes rampant. Sanitation vanishes. Heating and cooling is no longer available. Before long, the population loses its cool and becomes increasingly desperate.
Essentially, an EMP strike would instantly turn much of America into a third-world nation with no electricity, running water or functioning infrastructure to speak of.
I’ve written about this in great detail. Read my previous story: North Korea may soon be able to strike USA with ultimate doomsday weapon that deactivates (nearly) all electronics
Why high-altitude EMP bursts are so potentially dangerous
While North Korean rockets may not yet be able to reach the central United States, they don’t have to: A high-altitude burst above California could destroy the power grid all the way to Missouri.
See this altitude damage chart for reference:
North Korea only one week away from long range rocket that can reach California EMP Burst North America
As you can see from the chart, the higher the nuclear detonation, the more widespread the damage to the power grid across North America.
Keep in mind that approximately half of North America could be EMP-blasted back into the 1800′s with a single nuclear warhead detonated at altitude. While the body count from the blast itself would be zero, people in American cities would soon proceed to kill each other in the weeks and months that follow. Such an attack would deal a devastating blow to America
This is why North Korea’s long-range rocket capability is so concerning: If the rocket really works — which is always questionable when it comes to North Korea — it could conceivably be outfitted with a nuclear warhead and launched at North America.
America has no functioning defense against a high-altitude EMP burst.
So why aren’t you hearing about this in the lamestream media?
As much as the USA frets about so-called “terrorists” in the Middle East, both the Pentagon and the mainstream media largely ignore North Korea even though it has nuclear weapons and is about to achieve intercontinental missile capability. With this technology, North Korea poses a vastly more real and urgent threat to America than any terrorist organization, yet that threat is almost never talked about.
The reason for this is because wars are never really about peace, justice or security. They always have been, and always will be, about control of resources. It just so happens that Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran are sitting on strategic resources that America wants. North Korea is not, so it gets very little attention even though it poses a far greater threat to the security of America than any number of so-called “terrorists.”
Remember: The mainstream media is atrociously misappropriated in covering actual threats to your safety. While the media will cover a single gunshot murder as if it were the end of the world, for example, it completely ignores the 783,000 Americans who are killed each year by failed surgeries, deadly prescription drugs and fatal mistakes by medical staff. The media tells you that Middle Eastern terrorists are a massive threat to America, yet no such terrorist has ever been caught or produced. (The recent story of Bin Laden’s death is, of course, a complete hoax, so that doesn’t count.)
So don’t hold your breath expecting a genuine discussion of North Korea’s tactical missile capabilities. The U.S. focus right now is on Afghanistan, where U.S. troops are busy growing the opium that’s refined into heroin and then sold into the global drug trade. (This startling fact is openly admitted and was covered quite extensively by the mainstream media.)
Anti-American tyrants want the nation to be more like North Korea
If there’s any government that poses a legitimate threat to the world, it is North Korea’s. So why aren’t we talking about invading North Korea, overthrowing its government or setting its citizens free from tyranny and oppression? These are the excuses used for invading every other nation, including Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.
The answer, I think, is because U.S. government operatives want America to become more like North Korea. What’s not to like? Total government police state control, total government control over the media, the complete censorship of free speech, the secret “disappearing” of anyone who criticizes the government, secret gulag prisons, no due process, no Bill of Rights… it starts to sound a lot like Obama’s America, doesn’t it?
A communist dictatorship, after all, is Obama’s ultimate goal for America, and North Korea serves as the perfect model for how a charismatic, heavily-worshipped “supreme leader” can seize power over the economy, the military and even the minds of the People.
In North Korea, by the way, it is illegal for citizens to own firearms. As Kim Jung-un knows full well, no tyrannical dictator can maintain effective control over the population if they are allowed to defend themselves against government tyranny. Disarmament of the population is always the prelude to enslaving it.
And that’s true whether you’re talking about North Korea or Obama’s America.


Anonymous said...

Your articles are really interesting, but this one I found very offensive and, for lack of a better word, dumb. Most of this had little to do with North Korea and more about the accusations against a corrupt, communist American gov't. What evidence do you have of America turning communist? Oh wait, let me guess, you're a republican. And don't tell me you actually think Osama's death was fake :P Next thing you'll write about is that 9/11 was all a gov't conspiracy. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

What a libtard.^^^^

Anonymous said...

i find your comment offensive,and your dumb for saying this is dumb,this is not about what department of government you run for its bout your choice to believe what you choose to believe.i don't disagree on the fact there is alot of bull about government conspiracy,but i strongly suggest you do more research on 9/11 before mocking those who choose to believe what information they haved search them selfs opposed to being dumb down and believing what there told the only dumb one here my friend is you good day.

Anonymous said...

Binladens death was a hoax.. it's all B.S.
Like really?? Who is just going to throw his body in the "ocean" just like nothing? I do not tryst the american givernment at all. And obviously america is Going to not take nortg korea as a threat, but when it happens they'll say "they didnt know" acting like if they give a f*** about us americans. Republicans and democrats may act like they disagree with eachother, but on the down low you know theyre all friends! Them greedy bastards are just interested in $$$$$$ open your eyes, this is a cruel world, f*** the united states government they can't be trusted we society need to retaliate against them, they dont care about the poor or the middle class.. Funny cause if stuff does go down, all the rich folks are going to be all safe in luxury while the rest of us are dying like animals..

Anonymous said...

believe in God and all your worries go away

Anonymous said...

Amen .. ^

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who trusts the US government is trying their best? XD

Anonymous said...

Believe in God AHNSAHNGHONG and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother, and we will all be saved!

Anonymous said...

Your all morons. You'll believe anything the media says and you'll do it just to satisfy the need you have for your Fantasy America. you think the government or the libtard media tells you the truth, not because of research or fact, but because you can't understand how this great nation could go down. you forget that not too long ago our ancesters were slaves in communist countries. you honesty believe that the government has the power to make your lives better or to make you safe. the founders of this country tried to make it so this country would be safe from communist rule but because of all the moronic ammendments to a once beautiful constitution. our rights are slowly being discarded so we supposedly won't notice so much. this article points out one thing that's scarier than Korea's pos nuke department and that's the statement about disarming the population. this is very much true and both conservative and liberal folk alike will realize then how much we do have in common. rich people will not live in luxury you dumbass, everyone will parish, rich and poor alike. how can you be rich if there are no resources available. money, gold, silver or any other worthless pos currency will be useless with no resources and only the people with mass resources will be concidered rich. no one person in America sits on such a thing. you idiots are blind and have no idea where you have come from. I'm a Texan and say it proudly, I work my but to the bone daily for every small thing I have, not at a desk but in the field as a technician and I see this blind irresponsibility in just about every customer's house I go to. people hold their possessions higher than their own family. their children are morons and their parents wonder what the problem is while they gossip with their friends and make pointless jokes all while theyre child sits alone wondering why their parents hate them. I am so sick of meaningless arguments of faith, drugs, guns, and race all while people are conspiring to destroy this country from the inside out. stop being lazy ass idiots and figure things out for yourself and let's bankrupt the mass hysterical media. they don't care about you, neither does the government. they only care about their agenda. I personally don't give a dam what any of you believe. regardless of what you do, we've all got a lot to fear. good luck!

Anonymous said...

the debate wasn't bout what we didn't know,it was about what we ones a moron,people can live life how they choose to, its there right. also just because you choose to know doesn't mean you can change it,ask yourself with all the knowledge you know have you done something to change the course of current happenings??? stop cramming you unjustifiable believes down other peoples necks if people..choose to be blind or ignore and live a life style they choose, that's there have no right to insult us like that...also half of that statement is assumption..good day sir

Anonymous said...

God cant save us. Were all fucked by the system. Only thing that can possibly save you is guns and ammo

Anonymous said...

good idea promote the use of guns,humanity really is screwed.

Unknown said...

Oh man I wish they would!

Come on North Korea...drop the nukes on these sodomites now

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