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Monday, May 19, 2014

BREAKING NEWS !Dollar Dive: China's economy soon to leave US far behind


Anonymous said...

our "dollar dive" is no fault of our own but is artificially manipulated economic collapse by the international banksters(fed) who wish to destroy the u.s. and bring us to our knees to make way for the new world order which will concentrate wealth in the laps of the filthy rich int. bankers while the majority are herded into managable collectives to be watched and manipulated 24/7...well, thats already happened! lol...but the u.s. with all its resources, capable workforce, and silicon valley tech edge should have this country at #1 but the previously stated nefarious force(dr. evil) apparently wishes to destablize us to bring china out of the closet and into the broad daylife to nurse and suckle the living bejesus out of their bountiful breasts!! ...pun intended

Anonymous said...

They call them selv bankers on economic
Leaders and PMs and even president ..
We concolude them as zionest ..and how clear is that to us..

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